Maruhashi Whole Person Dentistry

Whole Person Dentistry

In recent years, medicine has been broken down into each specialty. Internal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, and dentistry, in all areas professional specialization make it possible to develop more advanced research and technology. However, the medical specialization consider organs as only the parts of the body, and make it hard to understand each other’s areas. Just “miss the forest for the tree,” is that .Especially dentistry tends to”watch inside of yourmouth only,” and we have to say that dentistry is parochial to improve the patient’s body and mind issues.

Whole Person Dentistry

We have developed and been offering precise treatment technology from the micro point of view. Also we observe the oral health as a part of general health as well, and consider the environment of the patient, we made the diagnosis and treatment. By such approach, the surprising effect of not only getting good teeth but also a healthy body appears. Such a medical view is called “whole person dentistry”.

Our Treatment Philosophy

Our Treatment Philosophy* We apply to medical ethics based on the Hippocratic oath. And we make medical diagnosis and treatment based on the view of whole person medicine.
* Root canal therapy, prosthesis, periodontal disease and all basic treatment we do precisely and accurately,without compromise.
* We regard collaboration of the medical team as important and maximize the power of it.
* We provide the best treatment at reasonable prices as possible as we can.


Our strong point The first-class members of a doctorWhole person treatmentTeam medical treatment CounselingThorough hygiene supervisionFood education and prevention Equipment of a university hospital scaleNurse permanent residenceDental technician inside the clinic

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